Explore the benefits – with factoring from GRENKE

Money isn’t everything. But cash flow is what keeps your company afloat. With factoring you can ease the strain on your business and keep your head clear for important business decisions. See the benefits for yourself.


How Factoring Works

The Service at a Glance:

Protection from bad debt for all accounts receivable assigned to us.

Cash advance of up to 90%



How it Works:

You conclude a master factoring agreement with us and we commit to purchasing accounts receivable from you.


When you sign a master factoring agreement with us, we verify your customers credit ratings and for each one we define a maximum value for the accounts receivables we will purchase.


Each day you send us the invoices that you have assigned to us quickly and easily via our on-line portal.


If the receivable is within the defined maximum value we make payment to you within 24 hours.


If the customer does not pay by the due date we commence a pre-agreed dunning process. We keep you informed at all times so that you always have the opportunity to intevene to preserve your relationship with your customer.

How factoring works