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Welcome to GRENKE

GRENKE specialise as a mid-sized and bank-independent company in the purchase and direct settlement of your receivables from customers.


Improve your cash flow – with factoring from GRENKE

NEW: How does factoring work? Just have a look at our video and find out how easy it is – with GRENKE. Click here.


Recognise this situation?

  • You regularly have to wait to receive payment from your customers?
  • You want to invest and expand, but lack the necessary liquidity?
  • You are worried about the ability of some of your customers to pay or you have already had to absorb painful losses from unpaid invoices?
  • Your accounting department spends a lot of time tracking customers in default, tying up resources unnecessarily?

Nothing hampers your business more than waiting for money. Excellent liquidity and the speedy receipt of payment is now a decisive competitive factor and the guarantee of solid business performance. Both can be achieved with factoring.

Our service: We'll pay your invoice!