Who we are

GRENKE Group specialise as a mid-sized and bank-independent company in the purchase and direct settlement of your receivables from customers.

We purchase your receivables as soon as they are invoiced, take care of the payment and enter into default risk on your behalf. In order for us to do this, you entrust your customers to us. Our first commitment is therefore customer focus. Our employees know about the necessities of daily customer care, think like entrepreneurs in your interests, and are trained to support your business.

We see ourselves as an SME finance specialist through and through. From experience with many companies that once had difficulties with banks due to their size and sometimes not-quite-perfect documentation, we focus on the business model, the business idea and personal impressions. We always keep an eye on your financial capabilities and offer our services at terms that allow you to transform the liquidity and entrepreneurial freedom you gain into growth. Because your growth is our growth!

As an SME or small business owner, you therefore benefit from entrepreneur-friendly receivables management that is tailored specifically for the size of your company and also provides you with a realistic credit rating for your customers in addition to immediate payment. Our risk management and scoring procedure is based on over 25 years of payment experience with a clientele that you also count among your customer base.